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Window Cleaning in Claremont

Window cleaning is dirty work. There’s no getting around that fact. But window washing isn’t just dirty work; it’s also incredibly tedious. So if you’re looking for a cleaner, faster, easier way to clean your windows, look no further than The Hobart Carpet Cleaning Company.

As a locally owned and operated business, we understand that you shouldn’t have to travel far to find reliable window cleaning services. That’s why we only use top-of-the-line equipment and supplies to ensure that every job gets done right. We also guarantee satisfaction, so if you’re not satisfied with our work, we’ll redo it until you are.

And because we’re local, we can get to you fast.  No matter what kind of window washing jobs you need taken care of, we can handle them all.

Professional Window Cleaning Company

Clean windows instantly improve the look of your home and business, but we know it’s a job that most people hate doing. Time to engage the use of our professional window cleaning services!

With our professional team of expert window cleaners, you can be assured we will provide a quality service that is both reliable and affordable.

Whether you require our domestic window cleaning service or our commercial window cleaning service, we can tailor a solution to suit your needs.

Our Window Cleaning Services 

Residential Window Cleaning Service

The chore of window cleaning around the home is one we know most people hate doing. 

Our residential window cleaning service will take care of that window cleaning job for you, leaving you with sparkling clean windows. Glass doors, French doors, interior windows, and exterior windows – we do it all. And don’t forget the window sills and window seals! We take care of those also.

Our expert team will leave your windows clean and sparkling, all provided at a competitive price. 

Commercial Window Cleaning

No business owner wants their office or shop front to have dirty windows that their customer sees every time they come by, after all, presentation is key when trying to impress.

Whether you have a restaurant, office, shopfront, or showroom, our expert window cleaning service will leave your windows and doors sparkling clean every single time.

Interior Window Cleaning

Glass over time gets cloudy with excessive dust build-up when not cleaned, but cleaning interior windows can be messy and time-consuming.

Instead of doing it yourself, why not use our professional and reliable window cleaning service that will leave your window sparkling and dust free.

External Window Cleaning

Exposed to the elements, dust, wind, and rain can leave external windows filthy and grimy, a look no one wants for their home or business, but cleaning these windows can be difficult.

Our experience in window cleaning and advanced cleaning methods can remove the dust and grime from external windows while you go about your day and no mess for you to clean up.

Our Professional Window Cleaning Process

Comprehensive Pre-inspection  

We will inspect all windows that require cleaning before we start to ensure we use the right products and right equipment to clean your windows to the highest standard.

Thorough Cleaning Method
Our professional window cleaning team is highly trained to provide a thorough clean of all windows, ensuring no dirt or streaky glass.

Strict Safety Standards

Our expert team of window cleaners adhere to strict safety standards and undergo rigorous training to ensure the safety of both them and our customers at all times.

State-of-the-art equipment

We are equipped with the best equipment that allows us to provide an excellent standard in window cleans every time.

Why Choose Us?

Experienced Team of window cleaners

We are a family run business with a team of fully trained and expert window cleaners who take great pride in their work, and strive to provide 100% customer satisfaction at all times.

Our commitment to quality is second to none, and we are proud of the reputation we have built as residential and commercial window cleaners.

Professional Service

We aren’t just window cleaners; we are experts in our field. Not all windows are the same, and we know what works for one clean may not work for the next, therefore we provide a range of solutions to ensure the best clean possible regardless of the circumstances. 

Our team is also fully insured with our own Public Liability insurance, and fully safety trained.

Affordable Price

We want everyone to have clean windows, and are committed to providing an affordable window cleaning service with quality service that is accessible for all.

Stellar Customer Service 

Happy customers are what we strive for at all times, and we like to think our customer service is up there with the best. Whether you’re speaking to us on the phone or seeing us in person at your home or business, you can be assured that keeping you happy is what comes first, and we are happy to answer any and all questions you may have.

Window Cleaning FAQs

Can I clean my windows myself?

Yes, you can clean your windows yourself, however, this can be time-consuming and messy, therefore we recommend using a professional window cleaner to take care of this for you.

How often should I have my windows professionally cleaned?

We recommend having your windows professionally cleaned once or twice a year, however you may need them cleaned more frequently if an area with a lot of dust or pollution.

How long does it take for my windows to be cleaned?

This will depend on when they were last cleaned, how dirty they are, and how much we are cleaning. For most standard sized homes, we allow 3-4 hours, however, this can vary.

What type of cleaning products do you use?

Our products are environmentally friendly, as well as safe for people and pets.

What type of windows do you clean?

Residential, commercial, schools, we can do it all. We are yet to find a window we can’t clean! 

Does window cleaning include screens?

Absolutely! Please be sure to let us know they need cleaning and we will make sure they are done.

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