Sanitary and Hygiene Services

Professional Sanitary and Hygiene Cleaning Services

Sanitary Hygiene Services

At Hobart Cleaning, we understand that sometimes it’s a case of “out of sight, out of mind” and bathrooms are sometimes forgotten.

We also know that maintaining a proper workplace hygiene protocol can be difficult when businesses don’t have the staff or resources to do so, however, it is a business duty of care to ensure that their employees and customers are provide a clean and safe environment at all times.

Our professional and friendly team can handle this for you, taking the hassle out of worrying about it yourselves.

Sanitary Hygiene Solutions We Offer

Providing a comprehensive range of customised hygiene solutions, Hobart Cleaning will ensure your workplace stays hygienically safe and compliant in line with all Australian standards.

  • Sanitary bins

Clean and hygienic waste bins provide a sanitary solution for your bathrooms and ensure they remain clean and tidy at all times.

  • Sanitary disposal service

    Our sanitary disposal service provides a regular, convenient and hassle-free solution for replacing sanitary bins. 

  • Soap dispensing services

Give the assurance that you care about their health and well-being by providing staff, your customers, and your visitors with our high-quality hand hygiene solutions.

  • Nappy bins

Our nappy bins provide a hygienic solution that keeps your bathroom and baby changing facilities clean and smelling fresh.

  • Hand Sanitisers

Placed in the entrance to communal areas, at the exit of the bathroom, or where hand washing facilities are not available, our hand sanitisers help keep the workplace clean and hygienic by killing 99.9% of germs on the hands.

  • Air freshening services

Keep your workplace smelling fresh and clean with automatic air fresheners that not only stop odour but also sanitise the air. From the kitchen to the bathroom, we have effective solutions to suit all needs.

Why Choose Us?

With many years of experience, we have developed comprehensive, workplace-wide sanitary hygiene solutions for small businesses right through to large corporations.

We know that it is paramount for your business to be compliant with health and safety standards, and our experienced team is highly trained in working with you to provide the best solution for your workplace with minimal business disruption.

We take pride in providing high-quality products and services to our clients. All of our technicians are highly trained and certified professionals who are committed to delivering exceptional results every time.

Our Commitment To You

  • Reliable Hygiene Service

We offer periodic and reliable hygiene services so that you don’t have to worry about scheduling us in. 

  • Affordable Prices

With our affordable and competitive prices, we ensure our services are accessible for all businesses.

  • Quality Products

There are no inferior products here! We only use high-quality products, ensuring you always have safe, hygienic, and reliable service.

  • Professional Staff

Our staff are highly trained professionals who ensure they provide minimal disruption to your business while providing the highest level of service.

  • Comprehensive Coverage

With a wide range of products and services, we have something to suit all business needs. 


Related FAQs sourced from Google’s People Also Ask and forums

Do you offer sanitary waste collection?

Yes, we do offer sanitary waste collection. Each of our sanitary bins comes with a comprehensive sanitary waste collection service, ensuring your bathroom are keep clean and fresh at all times.

Do you provide washroom services for small businesses?

We absolutely provide washroom services for small businesses. No matter how big or small, we can offer a tailored solution to suit your business’s needs.

How often should sanitary bins be emptied?

How often sanitary bins should be emptied at least monthly, however this will depend on the size of the business, and how many employees you have who use the sanitary bins.

We will work together with you to provide a comprehensive service plan.

How do you dispose of period waste?

Hobart Cleaning disposes of period waste by incineration. This process eliminates toxic and hazardous waste, and also reduces its volume, thereby creating a smaller environmental impact.

Can you put nappies in a sanitary bin?

No, you cannot put nappies in a sanitary bin. For this reason, we supply both nappy bin services and sanitary bin services.

What are your costs for sanitary hygiene services?

Hobart Cleaning will work out the costs for sanitary hygiene services at your business based on location, how many bins you need, and how often we service them.

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