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Professional Hoarders & Trauma Cleaning Services

Hoarders and Trauma Clean up Services

Cleaning with Empathy!

Dealing with hoarding and trauma clean up is not only time consuming and labour intensive, it is also emotionally draining, even for professionals.

At Carpet Cleaning Hobart, we want to make this time easier on you, and take away the additional burden of having to clean up after chronic hoarding or trauma.

We are here to help you through this, and treat every case with compassion and empathy.

How Do We Clean?

Our experienced team provides specialist cleaning services that are specific to hoarder and trauma clean-up. Not only does the team undergo extensive training to provide professional cleaning services, we also ensure they understand that these jobs require sensitivity and empathy. This is why we have a compassionate approach to our work.

  • Confidential service

We understand the sensitive nature of these jobs, and complete confidentiality is assured.

  • Sorting of belongings

Sorting of belonging in such a difficult time can be hard, so we take care of this for you with as much or as little involvement as you would like.

  • Photo documentation

We provide photographic documentation for all cleans we undertake.

  • Deep cleaning

All trauma and hoarder clean ups involve deep cleaning. We:

  •  remove built-up filth
  • clean up animal droppings
  • treat offensive odours
  • clean and remove bodily waste
  • remove bio hazardous waste
  • clean and/or remove contaminated materials

Types of hoarding remediation and trauma cleaning we provide

  • Compulsive hoarding clean up
  • Biohazard clean up
  • Unattended deaths clean up
  • Crime scene cleaning
  • Suicide and death clean up
  • Blood cleaning
  • Forensic cleaning services
  • Decontamination cleaning
  • Odour elimination
  • Biohazard clean up

Why Us?

Professional hoarding and trauma cleaning

Fast 24 Hour Emergency Service

We are available 24/7. Call us any time you need us for our customised cleaning services.

No-obligation free estimates

We won’t lock you into a quote. All our quotes are free and obligation free.

Compliance with Government Agencies and Laws

Rest assured all our services are government compliant. We are also fully licensed and insured.

Compassionate Customer Service

Whether you are having to clean up a property that has been subject to severe hoarding or dealing with the unthinkable task of cleaning up after the unexpected death of a relative, our team treats each job with complete confidentiality, sensitivity, and empathy.


What is trauma cleaning?

Trauma cleaning is when a house or business requires cleaning after a traumatic event such as suicide, murder, fire etc. This is sometimes also referred to as crime scene cleaning. 

Trauma cleaners, or crime scene cleaners, undertake specialised training to be able to work in a household that has been affected by a traumatic event. Not only are they trained in the physical aspect of tasks such as blood clean-up and dealing with biohazardous substances, but they are also trained on how to mentally and emotionally process each job they attend. 

How long does it take to clear out hoarding?

The length of time to clear our hoarding depends on many factors, and each job is assessed on a case by case basis, and the safety hazards they present.

Sometimes we also deal with animal hoarding, with presents another element of difficulty.

What is the best way to clean a hoarders house?

Cleaning a hoarders house can be a massive undertaking, and we would always recommend using professional cleaners who are fully trained in assessing hoarder homes, and are able to deal with safety hazards that hoarding can present.

When you hire a professional cleaner, they will usually come to your house at your convenience and assess the situation before starting any work, and then advise with of their cleaning processes suits your needs. 

What is the difference between hoarding and clutter?

Clutter is when you don’t have enough space for everything you own or you don’t put things away and leave them around. Hoarders often have a lot more stuff than they need. They tend to keep worthless and broken items and have attachments to many items they don’t need or have any use for. Clutter is usually temporary, and nothing a couple of hours of cleaning can’t take care of, while hoarding is a chronic condition that affects their lives and relationships.

Why do you need specialist cleaners for hoarders and trauma?

Hoarder and trauma cleaning is emotionally taxing, and far more involved than most people realise. Hoarder and trauma cleaners are fully trained to provide specialist services and be able to assess hazardous situations, and also the correct disposal of things like biohazardous waste.

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