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If you have carpet in your home or business, you know how frustrating it can be to keep them in pristine condition, especially in high traffic areas.

Not only do dirty carpets not look nice, but carpet fibres are also the perfect place for trapping allergens, bacteria, and dust mites which can cause asthma, eczema, and other respiratory problems, something simply running the vacuum over won’t quite get to.

This is why your carpets need deep cleaning and where Carpet Cleaning Hobart comes in.

Our professional carpet cleaning service and experienced team make light work of your carpets and rugs, and bring them back to life using our advanced cleaning methods and high-quality cleaning solutions.

Our Carpet Cleaning Process

Our experience in carpet cleaning has led us to the most advanced carpet cleaning methods to get rid of stubborn stains and odours, and have your carpet looking and smelling fresh once again.

Our carpet cleaning process involves:

  • Pre-cleaning inspection

Before starting, we inspect all carpets for visible stains, and also the carpet type.

  • Identifying the most efficient cleaning method

Our expert team will assess what the most efficient cleaning method to use based on stains, odors, and types of carpet.

  • Deep vacuuming

Before applying any products, we will deep clean the carpets to remove any loose dirt, dust, dry soil, pet hair etc

  • Pre-treatment

Carpets are sprayed with a treatment to help break down any stains and dirt in the carpet.

  • Pre-spraying

 A pre – spray is used on any difficult stains to help break them down further and make them easier to clean.

  • Steam cleaning

Using a hot water extraction process, hot water is applied to the carpet strands with a high-pressure wand, which works to dissolve all dirt, grime, and debris in the carpet, allowing it to be easily extracted.

  • Deodorisation

To ensure odor removal, a carpet deodoriser is sprayed on the carpets, leaving them smelling clean and fresh.

  • Post-steam cleaning inspection

Our team will inspect all cleaned carpets to ensure all stains have been lifted and the carpets cleaned thoroughly.

Why Choose Us?

Extensive Experience

Carpet Cleaning Hobart has been in the carpet cleaning business for over 20 years, and is constantly evolving and improving our processes to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. 

Our carpet steam cleaning methods are tried and tested, and we would never use something for our customers that we wouldn’t use ourselves, so you can rest assured that our products are high quality.

Team of Professional Carpet Cleaning Technicians

Offering a professional service, our expert team of carpet cleaning technicians is trained to the highest of standards to deliver you an amazing carpet steam cleaning service every single time.

With a wide range of knowledge around stain and odour removal, our professional team knows what works and what doesn’t. You can trust your carpets are in good hands.

Eco-Friendly Solutions

A clean environment and healthy living are important to us, which is why we ensure our carpet cleaning solutions do not contain any harsh chemicals, and are safe for people, pets, and the planet.

Friendly Team

We pride ourselves on not just how professional our team is, but also how friendly they are. We all live by the motto to treat others how you want to be treated.

Affordable Price

We believe affordable carpet cleaning should be accessible for everyone should have, so we offer affordable prices while still providing a quality service.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We offer a satisfaction guarantee – that’s how sure we are of our services from our amazing customer service team right through to our experienced technicians.

Benefits of Professional Carpet Cleaning

Apart from having carpets that look fresh and clean, there are some more serious reasons to have your carpets professionally cleaned.

  • Eliminates dust mites and trapped pollutants

Carpet fibres are the perfect breeding ground for dust mites and great for trapping dirt and grime. Steam cleaning your carpets can stop dust mites spreading throughout your home.

  • Prevent mould growth

Mould loves dust, and carpets are full of dust when not deep cleaned regularly. Stop mould becoming a serious problem by dealing with the source of the problem and have your carpets steam cleaned.

  • Cleaner indoor air quality

Remove pollutants from the air by removing them from the carpet, and reducing the impact dust and dirt filled carpets can have on allergies and asthma.

  • Longer carpet life

Prolong the life of your carpet by keeping it clean and looking nice with carpet steam cleaning.

  • Remove odour 

Carpets can hold onto odors from things such as urine deposits and spilt liquids that didn’t quite get dried up properly. Carpet steam cleaning and deoderising can remove these odors and have your home spelling lovely once more.

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Carpet Cleaning FAQs

Is it possible to clean my carpet on my own?

Yes, it is possible to clean your own carpet, however, when hiring a professional carpet cleaning company, you can be assured that they know exactly how to treat each stain to remove it, as well as the best method to use depending on the carpet type.

Don’t risk making a stain worse or damaging your carpet by doing it yourself. Call us to arrange a quote.

What is the best way to maintain the health of your carpets?

The best way to maintain your carpet depends on the type of carpet and also whether it is in a high traffic area or not.

Regular vacuuming will keep carpets clean, however carpet steam cleaning will remove stains, odors, and get to the deeper dirt and grime in the carpet.

How often should I have my carpets professionally cleaned?

How often you should clean your carpets depends on:

• The type of carpet

• The amount of foot traffic

• The level of dirt or stains

• The size of the room

• Whether you have pets in the house

In general, we recommend that you have your carpet cleaned professionally every 6-12 months.

How long does a carpet take to dry?

It can take 3-6 hours for your carpet to be fully dry. Opening windows and doors will help them dry faster. Keep in mind that carpet will dry faster in summer, and tends to take on the longer side in winter or in wet weather.

Do you provide a warranty?

Yes, we do provide a warranty. We will explain before we start the expected outcome for your carpets, and we are more than happy to discuss any concerns you may have if you are not completely satisfied once we are completed.

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